Gift for Loyal Customers – The Fastest ADSL Package!

We started gift action for loyal ADSL customers of VeratNet!

If you are VeratNet's user for 5 or more years, we give you the fastest ADSL package that your telephone line can support - Your ADSL number will be connected to 16 Mbps package and realized speed will depend exclusively on your telephone infrastructure.

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Spend Summer Without Paying for ADSL!

During June we continue our ADSL gift action!

Become our ADSL user and relax during the whole summer!

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Speed Up Your ADSL For Only 350 din/ monthly!

Dear ADSL users,

If you have 1.5Mbps or 4 Mbps ADSL package, pay only 350 rsd monthly to speed up your ADSL!

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Visit Our New Portal of Fun and Information

Dear users,

We invite you to join us on a new entertainment and information portal!

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Prolonged action - "4 months free ADSL"!

You can still get involved in a gift action for new ADSL users!

Pay one month, and we give you more 4 month ADSL!

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Holiday dial-up action - Gift 100%

We invite you to join the dial-up gift action, which starts 28. April and lasts to 13. May.

All users who pay 10, 20 or 30 hours dial-up, will have double as much!!

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Pay for WiMAX and ADSL services through QVoucher service

We inform you that we have provided payment WiMAX and ADSL services through QVoucher service.

QVoucher logo

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Free hosting for all WIMAX and ADSL users

VeratNet recently introduced new hosting package, the new servers, designed by world standards.

For all users of WIMAX and ADSL services we provide free V-Start hosting packages to 31. August!

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Pay 2 month ADSL, and you gets 2 more months for free!

During April we prepared gift action for existing users!
Pay 2 month in advance, and we will give you gift 2 months!

For more information you can call 011 3605 333 or write to

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Pay one - and we give you 4 month free ADSL!

You still don`t have ADSL internet?

During April we prepared promotion for all users who choose ADSL package with speeds from 4, 6, 8 i 16 Mbit/s!

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