About us

VeratNet is Internet Service Provider with the fastest development in this field and one of the biggest players in IT industry in region.

Through strong developed strategy, VeratNet has reached the top of technological development, representing itself as innovative promoter in telecommunications field.

Expansion and development are the results of intensive cooperation between sectors, as well as knowledge, enthusiasm and dedication of employees.

VeratNet is focused on services that characterize modern IT business:

Basic Info

Company Owner: 7LCP Emerging Europe L.P. (Kerseyco Trading Ltd.)
Business description: Telecommunications
Company name: Telecommunications company "Verat" Ltd. Belgrade
Brand name: VeratNet
Headquarters: 37 Bulevar Vojvode Misica, Belgrade, Serbia
Tax No.: SR100221009
Registry number: 06901093
Telephone: +381 11 3605 300
Fax: +381 11 3605 330
E-mail: office@office.verat.net

Departments in VeratNet

  • Product Marketing Department
  • Sales Department
  • Projects and Procurement Department
  • Operations Department
  • Financial, Administration and IT Department

Market position

  • The first private ISP in Serbia with its own link towards Deutsche Telekom
  • Possesion of own network infrastructure, with 12 POPs throughout Serbia
  • The largest number of host service users
  • More than 100 000 users of different service
  • Renowned clients – the most important domestic and international companies and institutions