FAQ - cPanel Hosting

In this section we will process most commonly asked questions related to host your site.

If you have any questions about hosting, but which are not covered here you can send an e-mail: cc@office.verat.net.

Frequently Asked Questions list

  • cPanel access
  • Configuring FTP connection
  • Activation of MySQL
  • Location of website files on server
  • Web site is not visible
  • I have 500 Server Internal Error
  • Checking e-mail if you use Internet connection of some other ISP
  • Password change for FTP access
  • Change of MX and A record
  • PHP version on server
  • Managing e-mail accounts
  • Activating WAP presentation
  • Visit statistics for your web site
  • Change of DNS server for international domain (.com .net .info .biz , itd.)
  • DNS servers for HOSTING

cPanel Access

ou can access yo cPanel using both:

  • cpanel.domainname.com ili
  • domainname.com/cpanel

domainname.com change with domain name which is primary for hosting package.

If servers of your domain are still not configured according to cPanel, you can access cPanel using address: or

Configuring FTP connection

FTP is shorten from File Transfer Protokol. Using this protocol you can make changes on your web presentations.

Use some FTP client to achieve access by FTP – we suggest you Total Commander.

Some Basic manuals for configuring FTP is:

  • Choose your FTP client.
  • In section for host insert your domain name (www.domainname.com).
  • In sections Username and Password enter yourusername and password.
  • Default port for connection to FTP server is 21.
  • If PASSIVE mode is on, turn it off.
  • Firewall or Antivirus software can block connection.
  • You need to configure that FTP protocol do not block it.
  • If you have connection problem, close that program.

Then you can connect to your FTP account and upload presentations in www/folder. Home page should have name index.htm or index.php so your presentation is visible after reaching your address.

MySQL base

MySQL are within section Databases.

Location of website files on server

Content of your site should be located in public_html folder

Web site is not visible

Reasons could be:

  • Deleted folder,
  • Presentation is uploaded outside public_html folder,
  • Payment delays (your hosting is expired),
  • Technical reasons (exceeded quota, site caused server down, misuse of service...),
  • Violated copyright (protected software, protected medium such as music, video..),
  • Spamming via our server (SPAM),
  • Any action that violates VeratNet rule guide about hosting services.

I have 500 Server Internal Error

This problem can be due to wrong place for .htaccess file.


Remove .htacess file or locate it in proper folder.

Note: .htaccess file, and all files starting with . are not visible in Linux- Unix OS.

If you cannot find this file, check if you enabled hidden files in FTP client.

After all, contact technical support.

Password change for accessing cPanel

cPanel password can be changed by sending request to our fax number: +381 11 3605 320. You should send request on company memorandum that owns domain, sealed and signed by authorized person. You should send us your e-mail contact.

If domain is registered on personal user, send us by fax ID copy that owns domain, or by e-mail on cc@office.verat.net. You should state what domain password you’d like to change and send us your e-mail contact.

Record Change in DNS zone

All record changes in DNS zone are within part Domains.

PHP version on Server

PHP and MySQL versions can be seen within cPanel-a in table Stats – on the left side of interface.

Managing e-mail Accounts

You can manage your e-mail accounts within section Mail.

Statistics for your web presentations

You can follow your statistics within part Logs. Otherwise, you can use Google Analytics aplikaciju.

DNS Server Change for International domain (.com .net .info .biz, itd.)

If you registered domain as company, you should send us note on company’s memorandum for DNS change with new info.

If you registered domain as personal user, send us note for DNS change with new info and copy of your ID.

Autoritative DNS Servers for Hosting with cPanel

If you host your website at VeratNet, and you registered domain at some other ISP, you should point out domain to our DNS servers:

  • hns1.verat.net. with IP address
  • hns2.verat.net. with IP address


  • hns3.verat.net. with IP address
  • hns4.verat.net. with IP address

If you have any questions about hosting, but which are not covered here you can send an e-mail: cc@office.verat.net.