Pay-per-click Menadžment

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One of the fastest and most effective ways to make your site available to customers is through PPC ads (pay-per-click - pay per click). Advertising via PPC results are visible immediately after the launch campaign and good governance can contribute to the achievement of cost reduction, accurate targeting of the population, which results with the increase of sales of your products or services.

Provide yourself with:

  • absolute cost control,
  • transparency of costs and outcomes,
  • more accurately target population,
  • quick start of the campaign,
  • quick results,
  • possibility of determining the daily expenses of the campaign and so on.

The main advantage of working with our clients is the commitment and professionalism, which is one of the most important success factors in PPC campaigns. Ongoing monitoring and optimization are the only way to get moneyback through as many visits the website and one or more actions -carried outorders, sign the mailing list, phone calls etc.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords is the world's largest advertising network through which you can place their ads online population worldwide. It allows very precise targeting users by location, language, and so the device. Google ads may be placed on Google and the vast network of web sites around the world.


Facebook is one of the most popular websites in the world and excellent channel for launching online campaigns. Through Facebook it is possible to precisely target population that will see advertisements. Target group could be done by sex, age, location, interests, etc.


Etarget is the advertising network, whose main advantage is the possibility for your ad to appear in more then 300 most visited local sites without having to pay a relatively low cost clicks - just a few dinars per click.

PPC Management Pricelist

Budget Provision Setup
upto 500 e 0 e 100 e fixed
500-1000 e 15% 0 e
1000-2000 e 10% 0 e
2000-5000 e 5% 0 e
over 5000 e call 0 e

VAT is not included in prices.

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