.СРБ Domain Registration - from January 27th 2012

.СРБ domain registration starts on Friday 27th January, and the Republic of Serbia is the second country to receive their Cyrillic domain, after the Russian Federation.

In the first six months registration will be able exclusively for owners of .rs domains that are directly related to .СРБ domains:
Example - the owner of the domain igraonica. rs will be able to register domain играоница.срб.

For each existing .rs domain user can select only one .СРБ domain for registration.

If you want to register .СРБ domain that has no equivalent registered. rs domain, you must first register rs. domain.

Thanks to the peculiarities of the Serbian Cyrillic that one voice matches one letter, addresses with .СРБ domain will pronounce exactly in the way they are written. Therefore, the slogan of the campaign for the popularization of .СРБ domain usage is "Link as you speak".

For additional information contact us on 011 / 360 53 53