ADSL Action - 1.5 Mbps For Only 1290 rsd

Take advantage of the new VeratNet ADSL action and afford yourself a 1.5 Mbit/s package at a fantastic price of only 1290 RSD!

Our dear future users,

Don’t be satisfied with the average results, when you can do it better. Be faster than the others and choose ADSL package for only 1290 RSD per month!

Enjoy unlimited Internet connection with attractive prices during the whole year.

Besides, we can also offer following packages:

- 4096/512 Kbit/s - 1390 RSD
- 6144/1024 Kbit/s - 1790 RSD
- 8192/1024 Kbit/s - 1990 RSD
- 16384/1024 Kbit/s - 2190 RSD

Action is intended for the users who didn't have ADSL so far, and who agree to have 12-months contract obligation.

It’s never late to join forces with the fastest ones. Be a part of the winners’ team - apply for VeratNet ADSL

Your VeratNet

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