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Conversations around the world - up to 10 times cheaper

Reduce your phone bill - select our VoIP offer, primarily intended for users VeratNet, who are in need of international phone calls.

VoIP calls can be performed:

  • Through your PC with softphone
  • Over VoIP phone
  • Over Android phone

On VoIP panel you can monitor VoIP traffic that you made.

Gigaset A580 IP

Calls from your computer - Softphone

If you want to talk with foreign countries through your computer, broadband Internet access is required as well as a headset and microphone, and softphone.

Software that we recommend X-Lite and you can download it here.

Installation and configuration of software telephonefor SIP client you can read here.

VoIP phone calls

Siemens Gigaset A580 IP, we offer a model that can be used as a standard phone device, and VoIP phone that saves you money and drastically reduce your phone bill for calls to abroad.

The phones are pre-configured, so it is enough to connect to the Internet and your telephone line is functional immediately.

One-time installation fee for phone is 6,000 dinars with VAT included. The phone is ownership of VeratNet, and a user gets to use it for the duration of VoIP services.


Calls via Android phone

You can make VoIP calls with your Android phone, if you use our WiFi internet. All you need is to install Linphone application, enter your username, password, address of our VoIP server (sip.verat.net) and calls can begin.

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